Gays Spiritual Diary – Chapter 1



The day was spent chatting to Ro he really doesn’t like his care worker job the old man with dementia threatens him with violence and Ro has to stand his ground. I really wish he would let me help him find something better.. I told him I applied for a sauna job but at minimum wage I feel I am better off on benefits I thought it would be a good way to intermingle with the gay community but I don’t see the point. It’s been 18 months living on the gay scene and I do not have anything to show for it. Ro had to visit a dentist about his wisdom teeth he is in pain, he will have to go back for an x ray later on they can nothing for him today. He told me he saw a shade today in the woods a ghost like rider who was surprised to see him he wants to go back to find out more. He can see spirits and like me he tires of people and prefers hanging out with spirits he finds them better conversationalists. He doesn’t like smartphones as well so just has an old style phone with no apps I cannot do the same anymore. We talked about the psy demon attack and I mentioned I believed I was trapped in the ether realm and was thought broadcasting, Ro told me it is unlikely I would be powerful to thought broadcast all over the world as I first believed and it would only be local to my area. The Ether realm is the astral world thoughts can be broadcast in this realm and if people crossover back the real world the knowledge is kept. I tried the basic magician test spell that he asked me to do but I didn’t feel connected to source power anymore so it didn’t work. I said I was going to rely on a new age video he said do not use it as a crutch and rely on it all the time. Again he blew my mind and watched the whole video all lies, most new age stuff is all wrong. Higher self does not exist as a separate entity it is just part of you that anyone really can tap into them self. Ro’s magic now permeates me and I am protected from anyone with lesser power such as Richard he cannot get to me anymore. He told me the truly ungifted those with no magic cannot be attacked so that cannot be me. But the ungifted an be affected by magic but have no means of fighting back I do sadly feel this could be me. Most people, the common man really is the ungifted. He did tell me though if you have a true spiritual awakening you go from ungifted to magician, you can learn to access your power and you get reincarnated.  You will know if it has happened to you It is very uncomfortable and feels like burning from the inside out and then a large release of power leaving you weak and shaking. Over the years with the psy demon attacks I was led to believe I has access to great power though I never learnt how to tap into though or find out if it was true until now. It was starting to fall into place. We moved and went the limited witchcraft I tried. “Clear a path for God” is a simple spell to create a little extra room for you, dispelled doesn’t work. White light protection shield a lie too doesn’t do anything. An invisibility shield starts off as white light then you turn it clear for invisibility to walk down the street it just works that people don’t really notice you unless they are on top of you, yet again nope doesn’t work. Then he offered me the gift a true magical awakening. The chance to gain magic and come back, It’s a really tough choice to make and I would need time to think about it. After being told In the pub I looked better with stubble he wanted to see a selfie. Urgh!!! I look awful in selfies but he liked it and said I look good, he likes the minor grey in my beard I should just trim it. He sent a selfie back of his long hair. It looked good to me too.