About Us


If the book is published read and learned, it can have a huge impact on society. It covers the damage Joel Simkhai did when he invented Grindr and points out how the damage he did can be undone if he listens. It depicts the negative impact of Grindr which makes it harder for culture to maintain the momentum of social recognition.

Also Mark Zuckerberg could be educated too to help undo the damage he did with facebook and in particular facebook mobile and the affect it has had on society and how IBM’s smartphone is leading to the demise of society. Zuckerberg has some scary plans for the future that will destroy a lot of society unless someone can reach him; the book covers the next phase of Facebook too.

The book addresses many gay issues facing an older gay man and provides a blueprint on how to help them. For manic depressives it details coping mechanisms covering everyday lives. The most interesting part is the spiritual aspect which tells the true story of creation, the truth about reincarnation, magic, the meaning of life, the truth about GOD, heaven, hell, who created the universe and why we are here. Also it has the potential if taken on board to put a stop to all the lying religions, and covers demonic attack, soul loss and retrieval. It has romantic aspects, betrayal, revenge, tragedy, War, death and the story of one of the most powerful Warlocks to be around since the dawn of time.

It is the truth, it is brutal but it is worth reading and knowing and if taken on board the political aspects such as how to make the NHS profitable and keep it public would help society in numerous ways. It is just more than a book which will have a huge impact on society. It will help stabilize the decline of society, help undo the damage done by facebook, smartphones and the government and will help make people think again about improving society and caring about others.

Our Goal:

What this campaign is designed to do is allow us to hire an editor craft our book in the best possible way. The £5,000 represents the bare amount we would need to pay for the same and to publish the book, “Diary of a gay spiritual manic depressive”.

We assure you that we know that all who donate truly do care about the project, and we assure you that that care is not for naught. We can guarantee that every penny donated will be matched by steadfast focus, determination and hard work. In the end, for a little funding you could potentially have a huge impact on society for the better.

But why not throw in some perks, too? No matter how much you donate, you will receive an expression of our gratitude. From a special thanks included in the acknowledgement of yours in the book, we plan on rewarding every single person who shows faith in our project, our book, our vision and our noble cause.

Hence I am connecting people round the globe with the faith to support the same. Your small donation more than anything to us and will help us to hit our goal.

Risks & Challenges:

Making a book is extremely fun, but also painstakingly difficult. We know we will encounter many challenges while making this book, but with our faith, our experience, under different circumstances and time constraints, we know that we will be able to rise above any obstacles presented to us.

Still, it never hurts to prepare. With set deadlines spanning across all levels, we know without a doubt that our vision will not only be executed in the style that we want, but exactly when we want and promise to our backers.

Our Request:

We encourage you to spread the word of our book and our campaign. No matter how large, any and all contributions help us more than you can imagine. We ask you to please spread the word! Indiegogo features plenty of sharing abilities, and our film has pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.